Sep 20

A Tale of Two Sisters:

Cerise and Cricket

Young and old alike can’t help but feel captivated by the pure power and beauty of the horse. We are surrounded by books, television, and films depicting these incredible beasts as fast and spirited creatures of magic and wonder. A few of the famous horses who have stolen our hearts range from the beloved Mr. Ed, the many Morabs who played Silver (the Lone Ranger’s trusty steed), and then there was the Arabian – The Black Stallion.

The image of the Arabian horse has been immortalized as this fierce animal that was meant to run wild and unbridled through sandy deserts. In many ways, the media wasn’t totally wrong. Arabians are a breed that demand a lot from their human partners, both in energy and emotion. They are fast, strong-willed, and never seem to run low on their passion for life. It’s a special person who allows an Arabian into their hearts.

CHR is lucky enough to be home to some awesome Arabians. Full sisters, Cerise and Cricket are two beautiful bay mares who were surrendered to the Rescue out of a fear they would not find kind, loving homes on the open market. Both are elegant with their sleek, athletic bodies, small ears, dished faces, and high-held tails. Everything about them screams strong, fast, smart, and brave.

Both Cerise and Cricket came to CHR at a slight disadvantage. Both mostly un-handled, the sisters embodied the stereotypical image of the Arabian horse. They were wild, they were hot, and they were determined to be masters of their world.

It would take time, patience, and consistency to teach them what was expected in their new world. But like true Arabians, their quick minds and willingness to learn brought them along swiftly in training. Both learned quickly to carry a saddle and have become well-mannered in their daily handling and care. They have been shown that living in a human world, following human rules, and accepting a job alongside humans can be rewarding. Both have participated in CHR clinics and events, and they continue to learn about their new lives as human companions and partners.

They will each need a loving and patient person to finish their education. Tremendous potential and adventure lies ahead for both of these girls!

Learn more about Cerise and Cricket here.

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