Category: Non-Riding Companion
Age: 21
Gender: Gelding
Height: 14

Breed: Welsh Pony

Bio: Romeo has been an amazing horse but with him foundering we can not afford to keep him due to Covid. He has had 3 years of training and can do multiple tricks at liberty including Spanish walk, and is beginning to learn how to bow. The vet is hopeful that he can begin light riding this spring. Since he has had so much time off he is very energetic and needs an advanced rider working with him. He is allowed to do groundwork at a walk but nothing more until he recovers. He needs shoes on his front feet due to Laminitis. He is a very brave horse and even won second in the novice divison of the Colorado obstacle challenge. He has a challenging personality and needs a lot of work since he has had so much time off. He would do best in a dry lot pasture because he hates being cooped up. Before he foundered he was ridden in a drill team and is good with other horses riding next to him and close to him. He was also ridden completely at liberty in an enclosed arena. He is willing to learn, learns very quickly, and is very food motivated. Treats are the way to his heart but need to be kept in check because he can start biting when given too many. He has been ridden English and Western and is good around cows, can be roped off of maybe once he's recovered. He has carried flags and even pulled sleds. He was being used in low-level dressage right before he foundered and has had some classical dressage training.

Owner(s): Brianna

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