Jan 16

Chance (aka Emmett)

Finds His Right Home

On a regular basis, CHR travels to the local livestock auction to purchase horses and remove them from the danger of slaughter. On a cold, sunny day we happened upon a plain and unassuming sorrel gelding. With old tack scars and a rather dull attitude, this horse kindly and quietly let our trainer handle all of his feet, look in his mouth, and even climb up on his back. He obliged at yielding his fore and his hind, as if he has been there and done that. Realizing that this horse deserved a second chance at living a good life, we snatched him up and brought him to safety.

Fast-forward a couple of months, and a loving family was in need of a companion horse to serve as friend to their existing equine family member. They found CHR, and after talking to their family to find out what their right horse looked like, we introduced them to Chance. It was an easy decision to bring him home. Thank you, Jodee and company, for giving Chance a loving and safe place to call home!

Dear Staff of CHR,
Thank you so much for helping us adopt Chance (now named Emmett)! He has been a wonderful new addition to our family.

Our other horse, Jedi is finally happy again, and I think Emmett is settling in nicely. The two horses spend the day together in our pasture. At night, they come into the pen. We are amazed at how fast Emmett has learned the new routine. He is also becoming very companionable. He approaches us when we come see him, and is becoming more comfortable with being cuddled.He is a smart, sweet and handsome horse. We could not be happier. I have attached some pictures of the boys together for you to see.

You do amazing work! We really appreciate all you did for us, and all the work you continue to do.

Jodee, Jamie, Marilynn, Jedi and Emmett!

Hang tight while we go get your horse!