Mar 26
March 26th & March 27th, 10am - 2pm each day Cost: $150 per participant

Demystifying Equine Behavior and Psychology

With Sarah Hofkamp

Colorado Horse Rescue
10386 N 65th Street
Longmont, CO 80503

March 26th & March 27th, 10am – 2pm each day

Have you ever wondered why your horse behaves a certain way? Why it responds the way it does when scared, shy, or threatened? Why they spook for what seems like no reason? As we ask horses to adapt and adjust to a human world it is our responsibility to build an environment that thrives in consistency and fairness. The best way to achieve this is to know how your horse communicates.  Understanding your horse’s base psychology and behavior patterns are the key to unlocking their potential. In this clinic, we will learn how horses communicate with other horses and how to adapt our communication style to meet their needs. It’s not fair to ask a horse to learn how to speak human without humans first learning how to speak horse.

The more your equine partner understands the more they are willing to try. This 2-day immersive learning experience will consist of both classroom learning and in-the-field hands-on examples of the equine language. Better understand why your horse thinks the way they do and how to give them a healthy, happy, and productive learning environment to reach whatever goal you two may wish to face.

Please wear weather-appropriate clothing, closed-toe shoes, paper, pencil and provide your own lunch and water. You may choose to bring your own chair for more comfort. 
Hang tight while we go get your horse!