Jul 17
9am - 2pm $100 per person

Intro to Equine

Photography Clinic

Colorado Horse Rescue
10386 N 65th St, Longmont, CO 80503

Have you ever looked at a picture of a horse and thought “Wow! I wish I had pictures of my horse that looked like that!”? Well, now you can! Photography is an art form within itself. Anyone can take a picture of a horse. Taking BEAUTIFUL horse pictures is that next challenging step!

We will learn about the key elements that make up a stunning horse photo and how to position both ourselves and our cameras to get “THE SHOT”.  Please note this clinic is not about how to use your camera but there will be several helpful tips on how to adjust your camera’s settings to achieve different photo compositions.

This clinic is both lecture and hands-on! We will be out there in the dirt, dust, sand, and action amongst our beautiful CHR herd taking pictures and capturing unforgettable moments together! Be prepared for up close and personal. This clinic is a unique and wild opportunity to get in the action, in the herd, and in the moment.

Please bring your own camera, pencil/paper, appropriate clothing/footwear, and your own lunch.

**Please bring your own camera. This is NOT a clinic on how to operate your camera so please get to know your equipment a bit beforehand. 

Questions? Contact Sarah Hofkamp at (720) 494-1414 x 2205 or shofkamp@chr.org.

Hang tight while we go get your horse!