Jul 27

From CHR Horses

Cairo and Lady

~A testimonial from recent adopters~

Hello to the awesome CHR staff,

I talked with Cairo and Ladybug and they seemed to have a lot to say about their recent adoptions, so here goes…

We had found a soft place to land, a safe haven, a sanctuary if you will. We came from different backgrounds, but our needs were the same. We needed care, shelter, and someone to look out for us. We, Ladybug (aka Lady) and Cairo, found that with the wonderful folks at Colorado Horse Rescue. We had food, shelter, companionship, medical care, and lots of attention from the volunteers. While we settled in and healed mentally and physically, we started to hear rumors that there may be more out there for Rescue horses, something called a Forever Home. We watched as pasture mates left the herd with happy swishes of their tails, to be united with their new families. And while we were happy for them, we couldn’t help but feel a little sad, too. We are the old, the non- rideable, the slightly imperfect. How were we going to find Forever Homes?

And then we heard it, the buzz in the pasture that there was a woman who was looking for just that, the old, the non-rideable, the slightly imperfect. And she wasn’t looking for just one horse, she wanted two! So we polished our hooves, brushed out our manes, and tried to be on our best behavior! She came to the Summer Open House, she applied to adopt, she visited a number of times. And then it happened. With the help of CHR’s matchmaker, Nia, the Adoption Coordinator, that woman chose us! Out of all the geriatric horses in Rescue, she chose us! Our Forever Mom now tells us that we are not old, we are experienced. We are not non-rideable, we are deservedly retired. And best of all, she tells us we are not slightly imperfect, we are 100% perfect!
We think we like this Forever Home business.

-Cairo, 22 years young
-Ladybug 20 years young

Hang tight while we go get your horse!