Sep 13

Hanna Finds

her Forever Home

Last year, a very special horse arrived at CHR. Hanna’s family was struggling with a medical crisis, and although they loved their horses very much it was just too tough to physically or financially provide for them any longer. Well-trained under a Western saddle with flashy looks and kind soul, Hanna quickly won over the hearts of the staff and volunteers at CHR. During her training evaluation we noticed a bit of anxiety under saddle, and during a pre-purchase exam with a potential adopter Hanna was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat. Several tests later we arrived at a diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation. Despite this condition, Hanna holds up quite well to lower-intensity riding. She is simply not meant to be a performance-level horse. With this limitation in mind, we were able to more accurately market her to a new forever home. And that home has come along!

From Hanna’s Adopter…

Over the last year my life has changed immensely. I have moved 300 miles away from a town that I’ve lived in my entire life. A town that may not have always been my favorite place, but it was home. Some of you know I have lost both of my childhood horses. The two best friends I could ever ask for, my support system through everything. Horses have been my life since before I could even walk it seems like. I got out of it in high school like most teenagers. But wanted to start riding again when I left for college. When I had to put my mare Dee down, my world kinda stopped. I didn’t think I would get back in the saddle. But then came the time when I knew I needed to get a horse to keep the other horse we have company. I had started looking at horse rescues in the area and came across the Colorado Horse Rescue. I went in wanting a paint, a gelding, and one who was 100% healthy. Shortly after I walked away with a Quarter horse, a mare, and one with a heart condition. A complete surprise haha. But I don’t think I could’ve asked for anything different. Hanna came into my life at just the right time. She is patient but hesitant, she is loving and curious and everything you could expect of a horse that is rescued. I don’t really know if I rescued her or she rescued me by allowing me the chance to love her and show her not all people are the same. Adopting Hanna was the most amazing thing I could ever imagine. Living far away from her is hard, but I love getting the daily pictures from my family and hearing about how she always is welcoming everyone when they come home. She has been the perfect addition to my family. And I am so blessed to be able to call her mine. Thank you CHR.

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