Mar 25

Indoor Arena


Late last year, CHR reached out to you, our community of supporters, with a very special request. Please help us build an indoor arena, we said. We finally have our dedicated hay barn. An indoor riding arena will enable us to train and adopt horses readily during the winter, and those special, misunderstood equines who need more consistent time and handling will be given that gift.

Well, you have all stepped up to the challenge! Together, you helped us raise the $30,000 required to refurbish our indoor arena so it will be safe to use moving forward. We are honored and humbled to have your support in this crucial piece to our mission.

The project is underway, and we expect the arena to be up and running within the next 45 days. Training horses gives them the best possible chance to find new forever homes, and adopting horses out year-round enables us to directly save more equines in need.

This is an exciting new step in CHR’s journey as an organization, and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride! Our Summer Open House is fast approaching on June 3rd, and we will more than likely be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony at this event to celebrate the new arena. The remainder of 2017 will also feature a number of fun and informative groundwork and round-penning clinics… And if needed, we can teach inside the brand new arena.

Hang tight while we go get your horse!