Dec 03

A Holiday Homecoming for the

Unbranded Horses, JR and Bam Bam!

JR and Bam Bam, once wild BLM Mustangs, were stars in the movie Unbranded where they made an epic 3,000 mile journey border to border from Mexico to Canada through our public lands.  The film raised significant awareness around the wild horse issue in America.  Thanks to our relationship with a local dude ranch, when both JR and Bam Bam could no longer manage the heavy workload of a dude ranch horse, they found safe refuge at CHR rather than being sent to auction and sold for slaughter. 

After the boys arrived a CHR, we contacted Ben Masters, the producer of Unbranded who responded in less than 12 hours… thanking us for saving the boys and determined to do something about the situation. He stated the following, “I’m very grateful that you’ve reached out to me because these horses have done so much for the film, other mustangs, and they deserve a good retirement and proper care.”  Even though the horses were never owned by Ben and he had no idea what happened to them in the years after the film, he wholeheartedly stepped up to take responsibility for them, and joyfully committed to adopting both horses. 

Thanks to Ben, JR and Bam Bam will live out their days with the rest of the Unbranded herd, retired on a ranch in Texas. They are scheduled to be transported home after CHR’s Holiday Open House making for a true holiday miracle. Join us for the open house on December 8th, 2019 between 12pm and 4pm for a chance to meet JR and Bam Bam, and wish them a very happy homecoming as they journey home to Texas.

Hang tight while we go get your horse!