May 15
10am - 4pm $60

From Purchase to Performance

May 15th 2021 

Colorado Horse Rescue
10386 N 65th Street
Longmont, CO 80503

A guide for first time horse owners!

The world of horse buying and horse ownership is as daunting as it is large. With so many options, choices, opinions, and methods it’s hard to find a clear path that guides both first time horse buyers to long term horse owners towards success.  Colorado Horse Rescue prides itself on being a “go to “place for equine learning.  From Purchase to Performance is all about educating first time horse buyers on the “ins and outs” of selecting the right horse to keeping it happy and healthy in their care. It can also be a clinic for seasoned horse owners to better educate themselves on equine husbandry and the equine world we all have to coexist in.  This clinic is engaging, interactive, and a great way to get involved in their local equine community. If you think you want a horse or already have one this is a wonderful clinic to expand anyone’s knowledge!

To register: You will be directed to our general donation page. Please indicate in the donation comments what clinic you are registering for. Thank you!

For this clinic you will need: A notebook, pen/pencil, your own lunch, your own water, closed toed shoes, and sun protection.

Hang tight while we go get your horse!