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Interested in learning more about CHR? Book a tour with us to see our facilities and meet some of our adoptable equines!

Meet our herd

And humans

Join us for a tour of the CHR ranch. This opportunity is rich with individual stories of our wonderful horses and includes an introductory presentation explaining CHR’s history, mission, and programs.  A tour guide will answer all your questions as you walk around the ranch to meet some of the large variety of equines we have. The tour is great for all ages and teaches about the importance of protecting our horses and what it takes to run a premier equine rescue center.

Please note

Before scheduling

This tour is for those wanting to learn more about CHR. If you are interested in adopting, and would like to schedule an adoption visit, please fill out the Horse Match Profile and one of our matchmakers will get back to you. /horse-match-profile/


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