Mar 01

A Surprise Pregnancy at CHR

Whimsy's surprise

Whimsy’s Surprise Foal

CHR rescued Whimsy in November of 2021 at a local livestock auction. This gentle, older mare was the last to run through of a long line of horses. At the time, she appeared underweight and was showing signs of a cold or viral infection when our team saw her before the sale.
We knew this kind mare needed a safe place to land where she could be treated medically, get on a weight gaining plan, and eventually be placed in a safe, loving home. Thankfully we were able to bring her home with us and give her the care and time she needed to start feeling better.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago when we started to notice Whimsy had all of a sudden really rounded out in her belly. One of our trainers asked our veterinarian to take a look at her and make sure this sudden weight gain was normal, and he came to the surprising discovery that our 20-year-old mare was pregnant!
We had already predicted that Whimsy had been a broodmare in the past, but we were all very shocked to hear that at 20 years old she had been bred before being dropped at a livestock auction where a horse’s fate and safety can be so unpredictable.
Thanks to our amazing, supportive donors we were able to bring Whimsy home with us after that long night at the auction, and she is now receiving the proper medical care and nutrition she needs to bring a healthy foal into the world and our vet estimates that she will deliver in May or June. Stay tuned for more updates on our lucky girl, Whimsy!
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