Nobody speaks to our character better than those we’ve helped. Here are some of the (very) kind words shared by our community of loving adopters and foster families.




"He keeps everyone in our barn laughing with his super-silly and BIG personality. There are too many funny 'Diego-isms' to list, but suffice to say he gets noticed everywhere he goes. He is truly the great love of my life - I'm grateful to CHR every day for saving him those many years ago." - Lauren, adopter

Seze (Nikita)

Rescued from auction, adopted in 2022

"Seze has progressed rapidly and has made me look like a professional starter when really, she's just a genius! She loves to "babysit" my two youngest children and going on trail rides. I love that she is willing to try new things and how trusting she is. We hit the jackpot when we adopted her!" -Billy, adopter

Moose (Cornelius)

Rescued through rehoming, Adopted in 2022

"He is by far the most popular and social horse at my barn and has tons of friends. I am so lucky to have my 1,300 pound goofball!" -Lindy, adopter


Rescued from auction, Adopted in 2022

"He's been on five-mile trail rides, even been the lead horse over bridges, down ridge lines, and more! He's such a curious and kind soul... And he will be loved as long as he is around." -Bailey, adopter


Retired from a Dude Ranch, adopted in 2023

"Electra is a gem, and we love her more with each day. She is healthy and well. This is her with our 2 oldest grandsons." - Barbara, adopter


Rescued from Auction, Adopted in 2023

"Hansel is such a little sweetheart. He and Jesse (pasture mate) bonded very quickly, and Jesse keeps a close eye on his new friend. Hansel does whatever Jesse does, and it's so sweet and comforting to watch!." - Sharon, adopter



"I’m really enjoying caring for her! She is so sweet, even tempered, and easy going! All around, she is such a pleasure to be around. She gets along so well with Ruby (pasture mate), and we are so grateful to have her." - Sheryl, foster mom

“It was such a pleasure to see horses cared for, managed and trained by a very talented staff and crew. The horses get excellent care here, and the team works with you to match you with the right horse. I want to thank Colorado Horse Rescue for all the wonderful work they do.”

“Great experience! Always looking for loving homes for their horses. Love the way they train and all their experience and knowledge! Thank you for a great process.”

“What an awesome place! So clean, organized, and staffed by wonderful people.”


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