Nobody speaks to our character better than those we’ve helped. Here are some of the (very) kind words shared by our community.

“It was such a pleasure to see horses cared for, managed and trained by a very talented staff and crew. The horses get excellent care here, and the team works with you to match you with the right horse. I want to thank Colorado Horse Rescue for all the wonderful work they do.”

“Great experience! Always looking for loving homes for their horses. Love the way they train and all their experience and knowledge! Thank you for a great process.”

“What an awesome place! So clean, organized, and staffed by wonderful people.”

“I attended a ground work clinic. It was very informative and would highly recommend the trainer, Sarah!”

Renee Woods

“Rescuing was really important to me because not only was I able to give Trey a wonderful forever home, but I was able to allow Colorado Horse Rescue to pull another horse in need. So, if you really think about it, it was saving two lives by adopting one.”

Lynn Hoffman

“Everyone at CHR — from volunteers to staff — was supportive, kind and generous in giving their time and expertise as I pursued my life-long dream of owning a horse. The staff guided me in choosing the right horse for me and provided both the education and training I needed to be the right person for that horse.”

Chanda Cade

“What an amazing place with amazing horses and amazing staff. We rescued Rain (now Stitch) for my son who is a beginner rider. It was a wonderful experience to work with CHR. They care so much for their horses as well as their adopters to make sure that is a great fit. We could not be happier!”

Amanda Strickland

“What a sweet soul Tobi is, and well behaved. Thank you so much for letting him share his life with me.”

Kelly Werthmann

“No matter their age, condition or ability, each horse is given a second chance at life thanks to the knowledgeable and dedicated staff as well as the hardworking volunteers.”

Richard Rodrigeuz

“We really love Trinity, and every day I think about what her life would have been if Colorado Horse Rescue had not found her. My wife and I are so thankful for her and everyone at Colorado Horse Rescue for the work they have done for these horses.”


Have something nice to say about your experience with Colorado Horse Rescue? Beyond making our day — and week, and month, and probably year — your endorsement can help us spread the word and make more lasting connections.

Hang tight while we go get your horse!