Companionship - because not all horses need a rider. Our new Companion Connection program was formed to find solutions to the challenges facing non-riding horses.

Caring for our

Most vulnerable

Every horse will one day fall into the non-rideable, companion-only category. There is a never-ending supply of these horses. Unfortunately, the reality for most horses in America is that when they are no longer rideable, they are viewed as less valuable than their riding counterparts. Because of this industry-wide perception, horses will pass through multiple owners in their lifetime. And every time a horse changes hands, that horse is at risk of landing in unsafe or unkind hands. Or in the worst-case scenario on a truck bound for slaughter for human consumption. 

CHR is passionate about taking care of these horses who have given so much over their lives. Our new Companion Connection program was formed to directly address the challenges facing non-riding horses by finding permanent, safe solutions for each individual more efficiently.

A New Approach


Using a standardized non-riding assessment, customized specifically to target the barriers that typically keep these horses from finding new homes, individualized training plans are developed for each horse in the program.


Awareness and education are serious barriers to finding homes for these vulnerable horses. Through educational clinics, special events, and partnerships in our community, we are shifting the perception of non-riding horses from no longer valuable to potential cherished family members.


By creating this new focus, we are able to identify the kinds of homes that would benefit the most from welcoming a companion horse into their family and match those people with the right horse more efficiently.

Companion Superstars


After his long riding career, this OTTB gelding is ready to find a loving retirement home. Slew is a super friendly horse with good ground manners. He trailers well, stands well for the farrier, and would love to spend quality time with his new family.


After her all-star riding career in and out of the show ring, this beautiful mare is ready for lower-level activities with a family that loves her. Breeze has great ground manners, trailers well, stands well for farrier care, and could be a wonderful lead-line horse for small kiddos.


Cocoa was a competitive trail horse for most of her life, now, she is ready to find a loving retirement home with a family of her own. This petite mare has lots of personality and would enjoy going for long walks with her people. She has great manners on the ground and would be a great addition to most herds.


Support the companion herd by volunteering your time. We are looking for experienced equine handlers to take our companion-only horses for walks, work on ground skills, and help these horses realize their full potential while searching for their new home. 

If you have skills and time to offer, we want to meet you! 

Reach out to Grace Degnan at today to see if you could be a good fit for volunteering with the program.


Sponsor the care of a companion horse while they continue to search for their permanent home. With this sponsorship, you will have the ability to visit with your sponsor horse and keep up with their progress toward finding their right home.



Have a non-riding horse already? Another way to support the program is by sharing what you are able to do with your horse on the ground! Help people learn that a horse’s value isn’t limited to his or her rideability.

Share your story on social media and tag us @coloradohorserescue today. Be a part of the shift toward valuing all horses, in every stage of life.


We understand the commitment that a horse requires. If you’re not ready to foster or adopt, sponsorship is a great option to support the care of a companion-only horse.


If you feel pulled to help a horse in need, our foster program offers flexible foster options that may be right for you.

Hang tight while we go get your horse!