How to

Find Your Match

Colorado Horse Rescue is the home of unbridled potential. We welcome horses of all breeds, disciplines and circumstances who are looking for their forever homes.



Horses aren’t like dogs and cats. They’re a whole different animal — literally and figuratively — so they require a more strategic adoption process to ensure lasting bonds and forever homes. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, which is why we take a highly detail-oriented, future-facing approach to every single placement.

After all, sending a horse to their new home is a moment we all wait for, and it simply can’t be rushed. CHR’s matching process results in fewer returns than many rescues, and it’s our goal to reach an annual return rate of zero.

The Steps


Match Profile

Complete a match profile to tell us about your handling/riding experience and the type of horse you’re interested in.



We’ll be in touch to discuss your match profile within a week of your submission.


Meet Your Horse

If we have a good match for you, we will schedule times for you to meet with the horse and one of our trainers. We require at least two visits with the horse at the rescue before placement.


Final Steps

If it’s a good match, we review the horse’s potential living environment to complete the placement process. The full adoption fee and signed contract are due at this time if applicable.


Welcome Home

You receive your horse’s take home packet including: health records, feeding requirements, farrier schedule, brand inspection (if applicable) and other information as necessary. Congratulations, it’s time to begin your life together!


Completing a horse match profile is the first step to adoption or fostering, and there’s no commitment required. While we certainly consider the specific horse(s) you list as your interest, we may also suggest other CHR horses we feel could make a better match.


Restricted Release pending weaning. Born April 7, 2022, I'm a young one with plenty of spunk and personality. My Mom is about 15 hands tall and my legs are soooo long! Would you like a project? Interested in starting a young horse and eventually putting her under saddle? Come check out Flower. We ar…


IN THE ADOPTION PROCESS!!! This gorgeous bay mustang has a considerable amount of training under his belt but still shows us he's unpredictable at times. We're going back over the basics with him at this time. Abendago is a lot of horse for any potential owner, so a patient, experienced and talented…


Echo will make a wonderful kids horse. At 24, she needs more of a light ride, and should only carry around 125 pounds total with tack/rider. She has lots of trail experience and is safe on the ground for beginner riders. She prefers a bitless bridle, or mechanical hackamore. She has Cushing’s and is…


Circumstances may change, but potential always endures. Meet the adoptable horses of Colorado Horse Rescue.


We understand the commitment that a horse requires. If you’re not quite ready to adopt, sponsorship is a great in-between option.