The Annie Project

Offering dude and guest ranches a new solution for retiring horses, ensuring they avoid falling into unsafe hands.

About The

Annie Project

The Annie Project was founded by Drifter’s Hearts of Hope to offer dude and guest ranches a new option for retiring horses. Drifters is an all-volunteer rescue and has grown this critical program to 18 rescues and helped 246 horses. In hopes of fueling the Annie Project to expand and help more horses, the team at Drifters has entrusted CHR to fold the Annie Project into our programming. The staff at CHR is honored to steward the growth of this incredible program and continue to provide safe solutions for these deserving dude ranch horses.



This lovely 12-year-old gelding shines under saddle! Moon lost one of his eyes to disease but is truly unaffected by the change. Barefoot, young and smart, he is confident as a riding horse and sweet on the ground. You’re sure to fall for his well-trained charm and classic Arabian look!


Meet Jones! This retired dude ranch horse is gentle and easygoing. While he is retired from carrying adult riders, he would be a great leadline horse for small kids and does great living with in a large shared pasture. Requires Cushing's medication daily.


Hank is cute as a button and sweet as apple pie. He's retired from toting kiddos around on a dude ranch, and he's ready to be a pampered pasture pet. We all love this little guy's bright attitude and silly antics! Hank needs a fair amount of grain to keep him at a healthy weight, but his warm companionship is more than worth the investment! Hank is barefoot and does well living in a herd.



The Annie Project takes its name from Annie, a sweet and well mannered horse rescued by Drifter’s Heart of Hope from an auction in upstate Colorado. Her description read, “She is very gentle and probably needs her knees injected and she would be fine. She is great in the arena and a great little trail horse. I understand why they shipped her- it’s not fair to make her keep climbing our terrain. We used her for older ladies who were timid and she always took care of them.”

This short description saved Annie’s life. She sounded like an amazing horse that DHOH could quickly find a home for. Bearing a brand of a local guest ranch, Annie’s arrival marked the beginning of a vital collaboration between the ranch, C Lazy U, and DHOH. That partnership established The Annie Project, dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of horses like Annie, forging a brighter future for them.

How You Can Get Involved

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