Who We Are

We are advocates and strategists. Thinkers and doers. A passionate team with full hearts, helping hands and the vision to rescue horses in Colorado and beyond.



To rescue takes passion. To imagine a better world takes courage. Every day, we choose to keep our eyes, minds and gates open to what’s possible for the betterment of horses everywhere. Because simply said, the status quo is no longer an option.

We are Colorado Horse Rescue, and we believe that it’s up to us — all of us — to create new traditions in the best interest of horses, humans and the partnership we share.

Our Priorities


Imagine a world where no horses fall through the cracks. We see it, and it’s why we actively seek out and take in all types of at-risk horses. We enable owners who have fallen on tough times to rehome their beloved horses without judgement. We also keep our eyes, minds and gates open to horses who would otherwise be sent to slaughter or unsafe conditions via auction or sale.

Our Priorities


Imagine a time where horses are no longer thought of only as tools or sports equipment. We see it, so we help educate the public on responsible horse ownership, engage with our communities to address the issues facing our industry today, and inspire people to invite horses into their lives—as companions, riding horses or other respected roles.

Our Priorities


Imagine a society that empowers every horse to reach their potential. We see it, and we uphold the highest standards of care, rehabilitation and training to help them get there. Complacency isn’t care, so we work to wake up and unite the equine industry to give every horse the life they deserve. We also lead with compassion, providing responsible last acts of kindness to those in need.

Our Priorities


Imagine a culture where every horse is valued. We see it, and every successful adoption brings us closer. Our matching process is strategic by design, creating solid horse-and-human partnerships that last and a return rate that’s remarkably low.

Our Team



Adriana pivoted to the non-profit fundraising world from tech sales to pursue her love of creating community around a shared mission. When she's not sharing her passion for CHR and how to get involved, you can find her hanging with her 13-year-old pup Tuerka and discovering new places to explore in Colorado.



In Bill's 30 years of diverse philanthropic experience, he's mastered the art of enduring relationships and enabled donors to critically impact various nonprofits throughout the country. Bill and his wife, Laurie, have 3 children, 5 grandchildren, and 2 rescue dogs. He enjoys nature photography and hiking.



After eight years in the US Army, Brett transitioned to the service of animals. Brett initially joined the team as a training apprentice after falling in love with his rescue Quarter horse, Amira. Brett looks forward to one day riding off into the Colorado sunset with her and his two rescued shepherds, Luna and Bella.



As a former business leader turned "glorified ranch hand," Dana brings serious animal rescue passion to CHR and heart for end-of-life care. Her small nearby farm houses geriatric mare Shakti, donkey Rubius, noisy chickens, feral rescue cats, and a pair of saved-from-the-puppy-mill Bernese Mountain dogs.


Companion Connection Program Manager

Self-described horse girl Grace followed her passion all the way to Colorado in 2015 to study Equine Science at Colorado State University. Despite her devoted love for spunky minis and ponies, this California native has shared her life for over ten years with a Painted Quarter Horse named Bandit.



With 20+ years of corporate experience, an MBA from Kellogg, and a heart so big she’d give you the boots off her feet, Katherine leads CHR with confidence and compassion. Even though her favorite colors are black and gray, she’s the proud mom of a beautiful yellow gelding named Prince Caspian. Also, human daughter Cora.


Operations Manager

Driven by creativity and opportunity, Rachel has an endless passion for serving the equine community. A lover of hotter horses, Rachel enjoys the bond she shares with her Thoroughbred gelding, Ransome. You can also find Rachel playing in Old Town Erie and spoiling her other four-legged family member, Lab mix named Archer.


Equine Training Manager

With a personality as colorful as a Colorado sunset, Sarah embodies the untamed spirit of the west. Heart filled with love, laughter, and freedom, she gallops into the unknown with arms and mind wide open. Sarah considers herself more than just a horse trainer; rather she is a bridge and messenger for the voiceless.


Adoption Manager

Sharon strives to fill her world with caring people, loving corgis, and extraordinary equines. With 30+ years among both horses and non-profits, she truly loves the CHR mission. Life with her husband and Corgi, Gypsy, includes long strolls, relaxing with a hot drink and a romance novel, and living a cozy cottage life.


Equine Trainer

Born and raised on fairy tales, Susan is a wannabe dragon tamer but settled for horse whispering. Even though she may exhibit a quiet exterior, you can bet that on the inside she is continually searching for ways to challenge the world around both her and CHR in order to bring their fantasies into reality.


Marketing Associate

Tauren grew up in Midwestern suburbs and admittedly never grew out of her "horse phase." In 2022, she joined the CHR team to hone her creative skills and get back to her first love: horses! Outside of work, she loves cooking, the outdoors, a good laugh, and spending quality time with her husband and rescue pup, Brody.


Data and Stewardship Coordinator

As she has aged herself (in Terri's words!), Terri has a special place in her heart for the elderly animals of this world. She added Mandy, a CHR senior to her life in 2016 connecting her to this place in more ways than one. Data, which she has always found fun to poke through, is just the latest and greatest!

Board Of


Donnell Heistand – Chairperson
Jim Czepiel – Treasurer
Molly Vaughan – Secretary
Dan Burak – Member
Julie Oelman – Member
Angi Primavera – Member


Changing the world is never easy, but together, we can make it happen. See who’s forging ahead alongside CHR.


Potential: unbridled. Check out our 2020 Annual Report to see the strides made by the Rescue this past year.

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