Category: Riding
Age: 15
Gender: Mare

Breed: Quarter Horse

Bio: Dream is a sweet mare. She has had training in the past and was a trail horse. I bought her in 2015. The person I bought her from was going to use her for barrel racing, but it didn’t work out. At that time a 7 yr old could catch, bridle, and ride her. She is an easy keeper. She did become over weight at one time and the Veternarian said don’t give her grain. She said to give her Triple Crown Low Starch - Has All Vitamins & Minerals in it that she needs. Give 1-2 Lbs a day. She gets Orchard Or Timothy Grass Hay. No Alfalfa. Give 2 flakes hay in morning and 2 flakes at night in winter. If real cold, like 10 below, can give extra flake of hay. This is my first horse. I do not have the experience, or a round pen to work with her, or someone to mentor me. So she has not been worked with for several years. She has only been ridden a few times since I have had her. She has never bucked me when I was on her or standing behind her. She would walk up gently to my 2 yr old Grandson. She has become barn sour and makes a game of catching her and when ridden on the country back roads wants to head back home. The only way I can halter her is when she is eating. She has been my only horse since I have had her, so she is lonely for other horse companionship. I have a neighbor who has other horses and I let her go down there for horse companionship and these people were going to work with her. She was there 6 months and I would visit her. I told them not to work with her until she bonded with them, as she has not been worked with for some time. They did not listen. The 1st week she was there she jumped the barbed wire fence and scratched her leg. She needs an experienced handler with a gentle approach and touch. She has not been worked with for 7 yrs. I believe she will listen to someone she develops a bond with. I am now elderly and am still working full time. I still do not have anyone who can help me with her. I enjoyed my time with her and I feel it is best to find a home for her with other horses and an experienced trainer, and someone who has more time to spend with her than I have. If you can provide this for her, please reach out and contact me, CJ. Text or leave a message as I work nights. 719-659-8119. I do not check email often.

Owner(s): CJ

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Looking for a little more horse time in your life? You’ve come to the right place. Come lend a helping hand at the Rescue.


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