Nov 28


Fast Friend

Last month, an adorable Painted Miniature gelding named Pippen arrived at CHR from a loving owner in financial crisis. Smart and confident, this little horse quickly won the staff and volunteers hearts. We knew this special little guy wouldn’t spend much time at CHR, and we were right! Pippen was quickly adopted by a new family who has another former rescue Mini, Rosie. The two are fast friends! Yet another CHR success story for this lucky little horse!

From Alfie’s Adopter
Here are some shots of Allfie on his first day here. Two are with his now close buddy, Rosie, and and one together with my Icelandic Bleda at the corner. Another with Bleda meeting him. She seems dazzled by having a male on the property again. He’s just adorable, absolutely friendly and it is even wearing off on Rosie a bit. But she still doesn’t quite get why he puts up with being petted by folks!! He’s a delight, though he is so curious that he keeps pushing at the fence boards. So far I’ve had to pound three back into place!! He definitely makes farm chores a whole lot more fun though!

Thank you both so much for helping me adopt him. He lights up my life big time!!!

Love, Dee

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