Jun 19



Bittersweet Adoptions

Our mission at the Colorado Horse Rescue at its barest is to take in equines that have
found unfortunate circumstances, all in hopes of helping them find peace in forever homes. In
the best of cases, this process is nearly instantaneous – a prompt happily ever after! When
these horses come onto the property, they are practically gone just as fast as they had arrived.
Gone, long before we have had much of a chance to get acquainted. For us, knowing that we
were a quick stepping stone in the path to bring horse and owner together is always such a
sweet success! However, sometimes this is a much longer journey.

Whether it is due to health concerns that need to be cared for, training that is necessary,
or simply a low demand in the local industry – some horses may find themselves lingering with
us for months, or maybe years, if the timing is never right. These are the horses that influence
us at CHR the most, letting us into their stories as they go through their necessary
rehabilitations. These are the horses that we get to see at their worst and then watch the magic
of them growing healthy, both mentally and physically, until finally we get to witness them at
their best. These are our friends that, when they move on from us, leave behind a wake of
heartsore staff and volunteers – who are more so profoundly proud that they made it safely back
into the equine world.

Recently, we found ourselves going through this process with our long time superstars:
Riddle and Sven. Both of these horses came to us with histories of trauma and high levels of
insecurities around people. Riddle, while extremely rideable, arrived practically exploding with
irrational nervousness and seemed unable to view humans as beings to rely on. Sven was a
discarded gelding at the local livestock auction, deemed far too dangerous to handle after
flunking a training program. While it may have taken a lengthy amount of time for this pair to
undergo thoughtful rehabilitation, they have made giant strides of growth in their mental health.
Today, they have blossomed into passionate partners, eager to move mountains by their
handlers’ sides.

After what seemed like ages of eagerly waiting for the right people to find these special
horses, it finally happened! CHR could not have asked for better matches in Riddle and Sven’s
new owners and are even more delighted to know that they will continue on their journeys
together as pasture mates. With aching but warmed hearts, we stand amazed by the
transformations that these horses have gone through to be where they are today. There are
only the brightest of futures ahead of them, and we cannot wait to see all that they will now

Thank you to Melissa and Lynn for opening your hearts and homes for Riddle and Sven!

Through several of our past blog posts, we have delved deep into both of these horses’ histories
and how they have grown into the confident, loving, and successful horses that they are today!
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