Jun 03

Tyra's Halter Training Journey

Tyra came to the Colorado Horse Rescue alongside three other mares and a stallion: Nikita, Valda, Sacha, and Rollo. Saved from auction these five horses were believed to have been from the same original home all of them feral: untrained, un-halterable, and worried about humans. On top of everything two of the mares, Nikita and Valda, were pregnant!

While her two sisters have been awaiting their new foals, Tyra has gone through CHR’s training program for haltering and leading like a superstar! While this cute mare started the sessions petrified, she was always willing to try her hardest to understand what was being asked of her. And as soon as she discovered the magic of pets, all that fear melted away! Please enjoy our video of Tyra’s amazing progression in her training and stay tuned as she continues her training journey!

Watch Tyra learn to wear a halter and finally leave our barn!

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