Jan 29

Flower's Story

A Journey to Joy

Written by: Sharon Gilbert, Riding Connection Program Manager
Edited by: Megan Goheen, Marketing Associate

In the ebb and flow of life, moments of sorrow often pave the way for the brightest joys. We witnessed this when adopter Jewels met Flower, a spunky filly, at Colorado Horse Rescue. Within minutes, Jewels felt a connection strong enough to move her to tears. Happy tears.

The year 2023 had cast a shadow over Jewels when she lost a cherished young horse. She was uncertain if she would ever find a bond like the one she had before. Then came Flower, found by Jewels on our website, bearing her own bit of sadness in her past.

Flower’s mother, Whimsy, was purchased at a livestock auction. She worked hard to capture the attention of our staff. Emaciated and downtrodden, she followed our equine team around, seemingly desperate for our consideration. Once safely home at CHR, she perked up rapidly, and began to grow larger and larger… you guessed it. Whimsy was carrying a foal and would give birth just a few months after coming to our facility.

That foal was, of course, Flower. Whimsy was a wonderful mare that raised her foal while we carefully managed her numerous health issues. Whimsy lived the rest of her life with us, was eventually given freedom and sent over the rainbow bridge in a gentle passing.

Flower’s story is only just beginning. Destiny aligned when Jewels entered Flower’s world, giving both of them a renewed sense of purpose. Jewels has a keen sense of the potential for this young filly and is committed to giving her the best start, the best life, the best of it all in horse terms. And Flower, well, she was just waiting for Jewels it seems, as together, they are both looking forward to more joyful moments.


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