Feb 08

Foster February

What it means to be a foster home

A “Rescue Horse” is a Horse. A “Foster Home” is a Home. This past year we have had remarkable success with our adoption program, adopting the majority of our riding horses in a mere matter of months! Now, we have various riding horses working through our training program, and also still have many companion, green, and liberty-prospect horses in search of placement into loving families. Our foster program is designed to pair horses still in search of homes with individuals and families who have space and care to spare for a temporary OR extended amount of time – depending on each circumstance. And, as a bonus, every placement we make opens our gates to another horse in our community that is in need and/or at-risk.

This entire month of February, Colorado Horse Rescue is dedicating our time highlighting our foster program and the amazing horses that we believe would benefit from one on one care in a foster home. These horses include our non-riding companion horses and some of our incredibly talented liberty horses. While these groups of horses may not have a riding career to follow, they are very capable of providing years of love, happiness, and amazing experiences in deserving homes.

Recently, CHR has focused on finding new ways to expand our foster program to include a new section of horses. Our Training Foster program highlights our greener horses looking for skilled foster homes that can provide them a fair and consistent education to better prepare them for a permanent home of their own. Among our horses that have already been enrolled in this program is little miss Huckleberry! CHR would like to give special recognition to this little red mare, Huckleberry (or Mary Berry as she is known at her foster home), who, since going home with her foster mom, has made leaps and bounds of progress in her training! From being ponied along for adventures, to playing in rivers, to plenty of trailering, this wild little pony is nearly unrecognizable! We are so proud to see her mature and grow into a loving little mare! Because of the one on one time her foster mom has been able to provide her, Huckleberry has progressed a ton in her training and is now way more prepared to enter, and be successful in, an adoptive home.

If you would like to catch up on all of Mary Berry’s exploits, click here to check out her blog!


Stay posted as we continue to celebrate this incredible program this month. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent to a special CHR horse, please visit: https://chr.org/get-involved/foster

Hang tight while we go get your horse!