Nov 16

Horse Highlight

Gingersnap and Martini


We can’t believe these spunky ponies have been searching for their people for almost a year! Gingersnap and Martini came to the rescue together, and while they do not have to leave together, they certainly love each other and have spent most of their lives together. Both of these girls are looking for loving retirement homes where they will be valued for all of their personality and flare. Gingersnap (sorrel) LOVES liberty work and has great groundwork skills. This pocket pony is super smart and loves learning new tricks in training. Martini (paint), often acting as Ginger’s wise older sister, enjoys long grooming and pampering sessions as well as going for a roll in the soft arena footing.

These ladies keep up well with their herd of both mares and geldings and have no problem standing up for themselves among full-sized horses. At 18 years old, both of these adorable ponies are available for adoption and are looking for non-riding homes. If you’re looking for two adorable pasture pets who are super smart and will fill your life with laughter, look no further! These gentle ponies enjoy their time spent with people and are easy to be around.


Special care required: Cushing’s medication


If you’re interested in meeting Gingersnap or Martini (or both!) please click here to fill out our online Horse Match Profile and we will be in contact soon!

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