Sep 13
10am-4pm $65 per person

Introduction to

Positive Reinforcement


We are a lucky group of people to be living in the Renaissance of horsemanship! With so many new ideas, methods, and ways of training horses…it can get a little confusing. Even more so if you are trying some of these new things out for the first time.

One training technique that you have probably heard of is positive reinforcement (R+). If you have tried it before, has it been successful? Maybe you are just getting your feet wet in this big new world of horse training. Regardless of your level of experience in this training technique, all are welcome to join us at CHR as we dive into the often frightening and/or confusing world of positive reinforcement with our horses.

Join us for a full day of demonstrations on how to approach R+ training with a wide variety of horse breeds, ages, and backgrounds. Don’t let tradition hold you back from unlocking a whole new world of fun and connection with your horse.

This is an all-day clinic, please bring a chair, sun protection, water, and lunch.

Volunteer rate offered for this clinic. Register at the rescue to redeem the volunteer rate. If you have any questions, contact Sarah Hofkamp at (720) 494-1414 x 2205 or

Hang tight while we go get your horse!