Jun 14
9am-5pm $150 to participate, $20 to audit

Liberty Connection

With Your Horse

Colorado Horse Rescue
10386 N 65th St
Longmont, CO 80503


Improve your understanding and communication with your equine partner on the ground by coming to the Liberty Connection Clinic. Horsemanship starts on the ground and if your foundation is crumbling, the rest will quickly follow. This clinic will strengthen you and your horse’s relationship in a way that benefits overall trust and riding. We will discuss and demonstrate how to encourage your horse to want to participate with you and engage in their training program. A horse that enjoys his work is a happy horse!

Whether participating with your horse or auditing, there is so much to learn from this clinic. CHR Head Trainer, Sarah Hofkamp, will help you improve your ability to see the signals your horse is sending, and give you the tools to communicate back to your horse in his language. Using both R+ (positive reinforcement) as well as R- (pressure and release), you could unlock a whole new side of your horse you didn’t even know was there.

There are only 6 participation spots for this clinic, however, there is no limit on audit space to observe the training. Participants will work one-on-one with Sarah for an hour session in the round pen.

This is an all day clinic, please bring a chair, sun protection, water, and lunch.

Questions? Contact Sarah Hofkamp at (720) 494-1414 x 2205 or shofkamp@chr.org.

Hang tight while we go get your horse!