Nov 08

Rebecca's Making a Difference

in the Community

Does anybody really read bumper stickers??? Rebecca Zepp did and it helped bring her to volunteering at CHR. She’d had some exposure to horses as a child, but never owned one. Her interest was piqued again when her son’s school required him to participate in a community service project that brought them to a horse facility. Her son wasn’t all that interested in the horses, but Rebecca’s interest was at an all-time high. That Colorado Horse Rescue bumper sticker was the next thing that gave her a place to focus her interest in horses. Horses are important to her and very special – they give back to her as much as she gives.

For at least 10 years, Rebecca has seen CHR as a place where she can be part of the volunteer community and also learn about horses and share her passion and knowledge with the public. One of her favorite things about spending time at CHR is studying herd dynamics and observing their interactions. Rebecca has attended every clinic CHR has hosted.

Her many years as a dedicated volunteer, along with attending these clinics, gave her the ability and confidence to adopt her own horse from the rescue about 1 ½ years ago. She absolutely loves her beautiful Gypsy and continues her equine education by volunteering at the rescue and working with her sensational Shire mare.

We thank Rebecca for her years of service and for giving Gypsy a wonderful forever home!

Hang tight while we go get your horse!