Apr 09

Rescue in Action

A Look into CHR's Arrivals

Written by: Megan Goheen, Marketing Associate 

Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR) is a place of hope for horses in Colorado and beyond, dedicated to providing safe solutions for equines in vulnerable situations. Our gates open to horses from various backgrounds, including responsible private owners needing to rehome their beloved companions, horses rescued by animal control, retirees from dude ranches, and those facing uncertain futures at local livestock auctions.

There are a massive number of horses at risk, and we continuously operate at capacity. One of the contributing factors is the increase in animal control seizure cases. In 2023, an unprecedented 15% of CHR’s new arrivals came from animal control, marking a staggering 200% increase from the previous year. While the numbers reflect a concerning trend in horse welfare, they also underscore the vital role CHR plays in safeguarding these creatures.

Operating at capacity signifies that our safety net is functioning as intended, offering our community a safe alternative for their horses. By bringing their equine companions to us rather than risking their fate at auction – where the possibility of being sold for slaughter looms – individuals are actively choosing a path that prioritizes the well-being and security of their animals.

Despite our efforts, the reality persists: there are still horses in need at auctions every week. Recently, we had the opportunity to rescue two fillies, April and Aries, from a livestock auction.

April and Aries

April and Aries

While 38 horses and donkeys faced uncertainty at the auction that day, we received word that three neglected horses from animal control would soon join us. While we wish we could have rescued every horse, the reality of finite resources presents challenges. Thanks to our supporters, at least these two sweet fillies are safe.

We remain devoted in our commitment to ensuring no horse falls through the cracks. Through community engagement, responsible rehoming efforts, and collaboration with local rescues, we strive to create a safer, more compassionate world for all equines. Together, we will continue the battle until we build a safer world for all horses.





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