Mar 25

Finding Forever Homes

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2024

Written by: Sharon Gilbert, Riding Connection Program Manager

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo draws horse lovers across Colorado. This year, the Expo not only showcased the passion and dedication of the equestrian community but also brought together organizations committed to equine welfare including Colorado Horse Rescue, Colorado State University, the ASPCA Right Horse program, Wild Rose Training, and Mountain Valley Horse Rescue.

Through this collaborative effort, CHR entered the arena at the Expo’s showcase and adoption event held at the National Western Stock Show grounds. Four amazing horses — Taos, Harry Trotter, Merida, and Mac — were presented to the public alongside numerous other amazing rescue horses. These horses faced a challenging obstacle course and captivated audiences with their freestyle performances.

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

CHR’s horses garnered attention during the meet and greet segments, providing potential adopters with the opportunity to connect with them. The dedication of volunteers and staff was evident in every aspect of CHR’s participation, from grooming and braiding to ensuring the well-being of the horses throughout the Expo.

As the Expo concluded, CHR’s impact continued, fueled by the connections made and the awareness raised at the event. The Expo served as a platform to highlight CHR’s dedication to rescue and rehabilitation efforts, leaving an impression on attendees and furthering our mission to provide horses with bright futures.

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo


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