Feb 19

We've Taken the Reins of

The Annie Project

Written by: Katherine Gregory, CEO
Edited by: Megan Goheen, Marketing Associate

Horses reliably carry riders through rugged terrain, providing unforgettable experiences at dude and guest ranches. Yet, when these horses reach the end of their working lives, their future often hangs in the balance. Traditionally, they’re sent to auctions where they risk falling into the slaughter pipeline.

Recognizing the need for an alternative for retiring dude ranch horses, The Annie Project was formed in 2017. A collaboration between Drifter’s Hearts of Hope Horse Rescue, C Lazy U Ranch, and The Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association, this initiative offers a more compassionate path. Instead of facing uncertainty at auction, they can find refuge in The Annie Project, where they’re given the opportunity to embark on a new journey toward loving homes through reputable rescue partners.

Over the past six years, The Annie Project has expanded this vital initiative to encompass 18 dude ranches and has provided safe refuge for 265 horses. Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR) has worked alongside Drifter’s for several years, welcoming The Annie Project horses into their care.

Casey Colorado Horse Rescue

Earlier this year, our friends at Drifter’s, an all-volunteer organization, decided they had taken the program as far as their capacity would allow. To grow this program to a national scale and maximize the impact it can have, Drifter’s has handed over the reins to CHR. We are thrilled to add The Annie Project to our programming and are determined to give as many of these dude ranch horses the second chance they so deserve.

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