Feb 26

Philanthropy's Role in Creating

a Better World for Horses

Written by: Bill Friedeman, VP of Philanthropy

Have you ever wondered about CHR’s secret to fulfilling its mission of building a better future for horses? It’s no mystery—it’s the unwavering support of generous philanthropists, who account for ninety-one percent of the organization’s annual operating revenue. This vital support stems from individuals, foundations, and corporations, as CHR does not receive any state or federal funding.

When it comes to giving, there’s ample room for creativity beyond conventional cash donations. Donors can explore options like DAFs (donor-advised funds), qualified charitable distributions from retirement assets, or contributing appreciated stock or real estate—strategies that often offer tax advantages. Furthermore, supporters can leave a legacy for equine welfare by including CHR in their estate plans, ensuring an enduring impact.

The culture of philanthropy rings through CHR’s culture, resonating from board members to staff and volunteers. The allure? It is the harmonization of values. People give when they perceive an alignment between personal passion and tangible impact. At CHR, it’s the collective aspiration for a brighter future for all horses that drives this spirit of giving.

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