Sep 20

How CHR is Partnering Up to Help Dude Ranch Horses

The Annie Project is a program of Drifter’s Hearts Of Hope, an equine rescue in Colorado, that offers Dude and Guest Ranches a safe option for their horses in need of a new career. As stated on Drifter’s website, “The Mission of the program is to give dude and guest ranches a new option for retiring their horses…an option that will keep them safe from auction and out of danger of entering the slaughter pipeline.”

CHR is excited to partner with organizations whose innovative programs are shifting the status quo in the equine industry toward a better and safer world for horses. The Annie Project is doing just that. By participating in this program, guest or dude ranches are responsibly planning for the future care for their horses.

We are incredibly proud and honored to be an Annie Project partner, and thrilled for the opportunity to find these former dude ranch horses loving adoptive homes. Read more about The Annie Project here, and celebrate the ranches who are doing right by their horses!



Clydesdale Horse Running

First Annie Project Horse at CHR from Vista Verde Guest Ranch.


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