May 14

A Toast to Annie

C Lazy U Supports CHR Through Limited Edition Whiskey

Written by: Megan Goheen, Marketing Associate


The Annie Project, a program of compassion and collaboration, began when Annie, a gentle horse bearing the brand of C Lazy U Ranch, was discovered amidst the chaos of a livestock auction by the team at Drifter’s Hearts of Hope. Annie’s journey from auction pen to rescue sparked a transformative movement, giving dude ranches an alternative for horse retirement.

Annie’s story holds special significance for C Lazy U Ranch as it prompted a reflection on the guest ranch’s responsibility towards its horses, leading to a renewed commitment to their well-being, even after retirement. Today, C Lazy U Ranch is dedicated to retiring their horses through The Annie Project, ensuring that their welfare remains a top priority long after they’ve roamed the ranch’s picturesque pastures.

C Lazy U

Photo courtesy of C Lazy U

Driven by a shared passion for animal welfare, Drifter’s Hearts of Hope entrusted Colorado Horse Rescue with the stewardship of The Annie Project, recognizing the need for its expansion and growth. This transition marks a pivotal moment in the project’s evolution, promising a brighter future for horses in need.

In a remarkable display of solidarity, C Lazy U Ranch continues to champion The Annie Project, unveiling a unique collaboration with Locke + Co Distilling to create a limited-edition Aspen Aged Rye whiskey. This flavorful whiskey is crafted from charred aspen wood recovered from areas impacted by the East Troublesome Fire. With each bottle sold at the ranch, C Lazy U Ranch reaffirms its commitment to The Annie Project, pledging a donation towards Colorado Horse Rescue and care of horses like Annie. It’s a touching tribute to her legacy and a testament to the power of collaboration in effecting positive change.

Photo courtesy of C Lazy U

As we raise a glass to toast Annie and her fellow equine companions, we also celebrate the unwavering dedication of ranches, rescues, and communities coming together to make a difference for the betterment of horses across the country.

Click here to learn more about the Annie Project.


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