May 20

A PEAK Training Challenge

Success Story

Written by: Megan Goheen, Marketing Associate

After 100 days working with Fleetwood, a lightly started horse from our herd, David Gerrish achieved a remarkable victory by winning the inaugural 2023 PEAK Training Challenge. In front of an audience full of prospective clients and adopters, David and Fleetwood showcased their extraordinary bond and skill.

David Gerrish riding Fleetwood during the 2023 PEAK Training Challenge

Having fallen in love with Fleetwood and recognizing his incredible potential, David decided he did not want their journey together to end. He used his winnings to adopt Fleetwood. Recently married, David decided to gift Fleetwood to his wife, Mia Kay, making their union even more special with the addition of this special horse to their family.

David Gerrish and Elvira

David and his wife, Mia Kay, with Fleetwood

Defending the Title

David Gerrish returned to the 2024 PEAK Training Challenge, determined to earn the Champion title once more. This time, he selected Elvira, a 14-year-old Morgan Cross, as his new partner. Throughout their training, David had Fleetwood show Elvira the ropes. With Fleetwood’s help, Elvira has steadily built her confidence.

Elvira and Fleetwood

 Fleetwood showing Elvira how it’s done.

Anticipation Builds for the 2024 PEAK Training Challenge Competition

Their inspiring story fuels our anticipation for the 2024 PEAK Training Challenge and the many success stories yet to come. If you wish to see Elvira and the other PEAK horses in action, please attend the 2024 PEAK Training Challenge competition day at the Colorado State University Equine Center on June 2nd from 10 am to 2 pm. With a judging panel of respected equine professionals, an audience full of potential new clients and adopters, and a $15,000 cash prize pool, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

Invite your friends, family, and fellow equine enthusiasts for a day of exciting showmanship by a group of experienced trainers and introductions to well-started, deserving horses ready to find their new homes.

Be a part of an event where new beginnings are forged. Whether you’re a seasoned equine enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of horses, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. See you there!

For more information about the PEAK Training Challenge, click here.



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