Jun 10

A Day in the Life of a Database Manager

at Colorado Horse Rescue

Written by: Terri Goon, Database Manager

I manage the database for Colorado Horse Rescue – which might sound dull, but it’s anything but! As I log in, I’m greeted by a myriad of names and stories, each representing someone who shares our passion for horses. This is one of the most exciting parts of my job; I get to see the interest and enthusiasm for our cause before anyone else.

Every day, I meticulously ensure that we don’t duplicate your personal information within our database and our email system. This process is crucial to make sure you don’t end up with multiple emails jamming your inboxes. It is tedious at times, but the reward is knowing our communications are efficient and respectful of your time.

Just as each horse has a unique story, so do you, our supporters, with the reasons behind your philanthropy and investment here. These stories are not just data points; they’re the heartbeat of our organization. We use this information to create the impact you want to see!

Accurate contact information is vital for us to connect with you through phone calls, thank you notes, and newsletters. Rest assured, CHR never shares this information with anyone else. By having your current number and email, you never miss the horses’ stories that touch all our hearts.

Throughout the day, I interact with my colleagues, sharing the latest updates and brainstorming new ideas to keep our supporters engaged. Whether it’s planning an event or developing a new outreach strategy, teamwork is at the core of what we do.

Thank you so much for being a part of our herd here at CHR. Tell us YOUR stories so we know what about these amazing animals calls to you. Whether it’s rescuing horses at auction, helping foals get their best foundation, working with animal control, or just knowing we are here as a safe place to land for horses in homes going through major changes, we are here to cover the care that you believe in. It’s your support that makes it all possible.

Thank you.

Horses in Pasture

If you have a horse story you would like to share or if your contact information has changed, please email Terri Goon at tgoon@chr.org.



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