Jun 05

Showcasing Talent, Fostering Hope

The PEAK Training Challenge

Written by: Megan Goheen, Marketing Associate

Over the past 100 days, the PEAK Training Challenge has brought together talented trainers and horses from CHR’s herd. The competition showcases the potential of these horses and helps them find loving, adoptive homes.

At the forefront of this exciting event are the dedicated trainers, each bringing their own expertise to the arena. Their tireless efforts not only prepare these horses for adoption but also highlight their individual personalities and capabilities.

Among the standouts of this year’s challenge was the remarkable duo of David Gerrish and his mare, Elvira. For the second time in a row, David Gerrish clinched the PEAK Training Challenge champion title!

David and Elvira’s performance was nothing short of captivating. From the moment they entered the arena, you could feel their connection. With each trick, they demonstrated a level of trust that left spectators in awe. Elvira’s athleticism and grace were matched by David’s expert guidance, resulting in a performance that was as mesmerizing as it was memorable. Their journey, from training to the event, symbolizes the essence of the PEAK Training Challenge. It is not just a showcase of skill, but a celebration of partnership.


David and Elvira were not the only ones to shine in the spotlight. Pharaoh and his trainer, Cayla Stone, won the People’s Choice Award! The audience was shocked at his incredible transformation. People remembered when he came to the rescue less than two years ago extremely malnourished and neglected. Now, he has gained muscle and was able to jump bareback and bridleless, a testament to the bond he built with Cayla. Cayla said, “He may not have been the most relaxed as he could have been in the trail course, but he tried his best and did every obstacle, just added his own little flair, which is part of what makes him Pharaoh! He really nailed it in the freestyle, and I don’t think I could’ve asked for more! I almost chickened out of doing the ride tackless, but I’m glad I trusted him because he gave me his all!”


Another memorable performance was from Bonnie and her trainer, Alex Parsaye. Their Taylor Swift-themed freestyle captured everyone’s attention with Bonnie decorated in purple glitter and even herding a cow as part of the act. Alex said, “Bonnie couldn’t have been more amazing. She felt so focused with me through the obstacle course and freestyle.”


Special thanks to Tiffany Larsen who trained Sapphire and Colter Heap who worked with Patrick. Despite being unable to compete on the big day, Tiffany and Colter invested countless hours of hard work into their PEAK horses, and we are immensely grateful for their efforts. Sapphire has made significant strides in learning to regulate her emotions, and Patrick has surpassed expectations for such a young horse. Both are building a solid foundation, and we eagerly anticipate their continued progress.

Amidst the thrill of competition, the true victory of the PEAK Training Challenge lies in its mission—to help horses find a loving home. Through the dedication of the PEAK trainers and the supporters of CHR, these horses are given the opportunity to shine and find their forever families.

As we reflect on the success of the PEAK Training Challenge, let us not only celebrate the awards in the arena but also the futures that have been transformed. Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of these remarkable animals, one adoption at a time.

Special thanks to our sponsors, Cinch and Horseware Ireland, for helping make this event possible.



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