Jan 07

Elvis Goes Home

for the Holidays

From the loving family who adopted our Paint gelding, Elvis…

In March of this year my horse and best friend, Mabel, passed away, she was a rescue Belgian that needed a lot of rehabilitation and was really in need of a second chance for a peaceful life.

In July I felt I was in a place where I could work with another rescue horse, so I started looking on some of the Facebook horse groups, Dumb Friends League and Colorado Horse Rescue. I was looking for an older, big gelding trail horse (I have 4 other mares and just thought it would be nice to have a guy around). As I was searching the CHR web site I saw this big hunk of paint horse named Elvis and thought I need to meet this guy. I contacted CHR, I spoke with a woman named Sarah Hofkamp, and I was invited up to meet this tank named Elvis.

When I sat down with Sarah we talked about what I was looking for in a horse and people we know. Sarah gave me the Background on Elvis, his age, medical issues, and how he happened to be there. Then we walked out into the gelding turn out to meet Elvis. He seemed a little shy at first, and stayed close to his huge friend, Sebastian, but he warmed up quickly. Penny and I also went to the rescue on a Sunday to spend some time with Elvis in the round pen and just getting to know him, He was fun and playful. Penny and I decided that day, we would very much like Elvis to come and join our herd. I called Sara the next day and started the adoption process which she makes very easy.

It’s been about 90 days with Captain Elf (Elvis), he is getting settled and working hard to fill the gaps in his training. Elf and I are having a lot of fun together, we are both teacher and student in this, building a trust and friendship. He has found his forever home.

Thank you, Penny and Pete, for giving this outstanding horse a new great home!

Hang tight while we go get your horse!