Dec 06

Welcome Home


From the family who adopted our cute little Paint horse gelding, Rain…

The Journey began about a year or so ago as we were looking to add an addition to our horse family. Not only did this new addition need to meet my requirements, but more importantly they would need to meet the requirements of my 8 year old son Gage who was a very beginner rider. I had looked at several horses for months and ultimately we were left with no match. I had been familiar with Colorado Horse Rescue as a little girl and knew they had been around for a long time. I looked at their website and made a phone call to Sarah. I explained what we were looking for and made arrangements to visit CHR the following weekend. We were shown a beautiful sorrel mare named Shakti and my Gage was in love! Unfortunately, after a lot of thought we decided not to move forward with the adoption process. I continued to look for a horse on the CHR website as well as other places and one day on CHR website there he was little Rain. In my experience of owning horses it has always been the horse choosing us and this was not any different! Little Rain stood as tall as he could ( for a 14 hand pony) in his picture he had a confidence about him and he was adorable. So I made a phone call again to Sarah, to find out some more details about him. All sounded good so we came down to meet Rain. Not only was he a confident, and adorable he was so kind and gentle. Gage and I both were able to ride him and I knew our search had come to an end. So here we are 4 months into this journey with our little Rain now (Stitch) and I can not wait to see these two little guys grow together. Although they both have a long way to go I know it is a perfect fit for both of them! Thank you Colorado Horse Rescue for bringing our search for the perfect horse to an end. It is only the the beginning of a beautiful journey between a little boy and an amazing horse!

Hang tight while we go get your horse!