Apr 10

The Magic

in CHR

Photo: Susan working with CHR’s latest youngster, Lola.

As we travel down this already long year of 2020, it is no secret to anybody that our shared world is going through some trying and strange times. Yet, instead of dwelling on the uncertainties of the future, I wish for us today to look inward and to remind ourselves of all that we have loved and appreciated in our journey thus far. It may be your adventure to success, your family, your friends – anything that has sparked joy in your own existence. For me, I have found so much gratitude looking back through my travels within the equine world as they carried me here, to my position at the Colorado Horse Rescue. For if there is any magic in this world it must surely exist in this astounding community and in each and every one of our horses that we strive to protect.

Where do I even begin with the CHR community? We are ​vast​ and ​powerful​. We have massive hearts and even BIGGER dreams! We rally around the belief that every single horse deserves a ​safe ​solution and to have the ​chance​ to live in a home where they are cared for and loved​ deeply. We see the injustices in our industry and we aren’t afraid to put our foot down or strive to change the norm. We are the voices for horses. Yet, we are much more than just devoted staff and board members – we are vets, farriers, chiropractors, donors, sponsors, adopters, many Many MANY faithful volunteers, wide-eyed visitors, and social media stalkers. And we couldn’t exist without ​each and every​ individual supporting us and pushing us to be the very best version of ourselves that we can be. CHR is an impossibly strong community that has come from such great lengths already. For simply the sake of our animals and for each other, we will only continue to grow – to move forward and go farther than ever – and that, to me, is mystical in itself.
And the horses? They are the creatures that bring this passionate organization ​blazing to life​ with purpose. They are our ​muses​. They roam our world with such fantastical beauty and mesmerizing spirit. We can only be bewitched with every stride that they make. Yet, with all that power, they bear such innocence in their souls. For that, they have become our teachers as well. As they find their way through our gates, they openly bare each of their stories through their own eyes. They advise us, telling us to learn from the good ​and​ the bad of what they have witnessed. And they ​beg ​us to be the best that we can be. ​For them​. For them, we adapt our beliefs of what is right and wrong to what is ​fair.​ For them, we dream of a better world and endeavor to find it.

The magic in the Colorado Horse Rescue is that this is a place where it is SO easy to give away the entirety of your heart and soul without even a blink of an eye. But, some days, it isn’t easy at all. There are too many tales that begin with heartache or finish in tears. There are too many days when we wonder if we are doing everything right by these animals that we cherish, protect, and serve. But we keep seeking out that perfect world. We keep banding together over our common love in order to ​fight​ for the better days, the ones that overflow with so much happiness, love, and hope.

On behalf of CHR, I want to thank EVERYONE reading this and EVERYONE supporting us in one way or another. We would not be here, making a difference, without you! All of our best wishes and love are with you.

Thank you!

Hang tight while we go get your horse!